Flat Feet in Children

Most children are born with flat feet and develop arches as their bodies grow. However, in some children, the arch never develops, leaving the child with inward-turning ankles. While this condition is not usually serious, parents should seek medical attention for flatfoot, as it may cause pain. Some children also experience flexible flatfoot, a condition in which the arch disappears while standing, and then reappears when the child sits or is on tiptoes.

To ensure that your child’s flat feet aren’t associated with any other problems, the doctor will check for warning signs such as arch inflexibility, calluses, tight Achilles tendons, tarsal coalition (fusion of bones in the feet), pronation (leaning-in of the ankles) and pain or weakness in the feet or ankles. He or she will also examine the child’s shoes and ask whether there is a family history of flat feet or neurological or muscular disease. If the condition persists and begins to cause pain, arch supports, physical therapy or casting may be recommended to relieve pain and correct the condition.

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