Hindfoot Arthritis

Hindfoot arthritis involves pain and stiffness in the joints at the rear of the foot. There are several surgical options that may be used to relieve the symptoms and restore function to the area.

Triple arthrodesis is a procedure used to fuse the talonavicular, subtalar and calcaneal joints. This surgery has a long recovery period and is used only in severe cases. The damaged cartilage is removed from the area, bone is grafted onto the joint and the foot is positioned with screws and plates for stability.

Subtalar joint arthrodesis is often the best procedure for those in whom hindfoot arthritis has resulted in a heel fracture or acquired flatfoot deformity. In this surgery, any cartilage remaining between the heel and talus bone is removed, the bone is trimmed back and the joint is held in the correct position with screws and sometimes a bone graft.

Talonavicular joint arthodesis is a procedure successful in reducing the symptoms of arthritis in that joint such as aching pain upon walking or standing. This surgery involves fusing the talonavicular joint together with screws and sometimes a bone graft.

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