Forefoot Arthritis

Big toe arthritis, or Hallux rigidus, is a degenerative condition affecting the joint at the bottom of the big toe. This condition causes the joint to stiffen and become painful, eventually making it difficult to walk and stand up. Hallux rigidus may occur as a result of structural abnormalities, injury, underlying conditions or heredity.

Mild cases of hallux rigidus can often be treated with over-the-counter painkillers, orthotics, physical therapy or injections, while surgery may be necessary for more severe cases.

Freiberg’s infraction is a disorder that causes pain and stiffness in the forefoot that often worsens with activity. It is most common in adolescent girls. The cause is unknown, but Freiberg’s infraction often begins after trauma takes place to the foot. The blood supply to the second metatarsal bone may be disrupted, causing bone cells to die off.

Resting the foot, physical therapy, supportive shoes and orthotics can all help relieve the symptoms of Freiberg’s infraction.

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