Understanding Flat Feet in Children

Thursday, June 4th, 2015, 6:23 pm

While most children are born with flat feet, this is typically nothing to worry about. As they grow, children develop arches in their feet. However, not all children do. A small percentage of them continue having flat feet.

What To Do If Your Child Has Flat Feet

Even among those small percentage who do not develop arches, very few will actually have serious problems. Most continue living their lives and can engage in various physical activities and competitive sports without too much of a problem. However in some cases, your child will need medical attention.

  • Visit a doctor: Even if your child doesn’t have any problems, you should take him or her to see a doctor. This is because he or she may develop problems over time. Sometimes your child may have a flexible flatfoot, i.e., no arch while standing normally but the arch is present when the child stands on toes. Your doctor will also conduct tests for inflexible arch, tarsal coalition, impaired Achilles tendon, pronation, weakness in ankles and feet, among others. You will also be required to provide a family history of flat feet, muscular disorders, and neurological disorders.
  • Treatment: Flat feet, if not causing any pain or other problems, generally may not need treatment. If treatment is necessary, several approaches can be taken. One non surgical approach is physiotherapy (stretching exercises for the heel cord, for example), particularly if your child faces problems while taking part in physical activities. Another approach involves incorporating shoe inserts (like arch supports) or particular types of shoes. Casts may also be used to help reduce pain. If nothing helps, and your child continues to remain in distress even during adolescence and his or her teenage years, then surgery may be recommended. Sometimes, the flat feet may become rigid. This will require further examination.

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