How To Prevent Ingrown Toenails

Tuesday, April 21st, 2015, 12:48 pm

Ingrown toenails are a painful condition that can actually lead to infection and the loss of the nail itself if left untreated. When the edge of the nail grows down under the skin of the toe, it starts to hurt and has already become a problem that might require a doctor’s care. Preventing an ingrown toenail is more easily accomplished than treating one.

Properly Trim Your Nails

An ingrown toenail can result when an individual does not trim their toenails at all or trims them by:

  • Cutting them too short
  • Rounding them instead of cutting them straight
  • Picking at them or tearing them off instead of trimming them with toenail clippers

A person who has very thick toenails might also have issues with ingrown nails. This almost always occurs on the big toe but can also be a problem for the smaller nails as well.

Keep Your Toes Safe

Taking proper care of your toes by being careful with them and avoiding injury can help prevent ingrown toenails. If you do stub your toe or do more extensive damage to it, visit a foot doctor and ask if you need to give it more care in order to avoid an ingrown nail.

Find Your Correct Shoe Size

Wearing shoes that are too small will pinch your toes and cause toenails to grow inward; this is another way to get an ingrown toenail. In order to avoid this problem, find your correct shoe size, and do not buy shoes that are too small for your feet. If your shoes are uncomfortable, do not continue to wear them.

Seek Treatment for Medical Conditions

According to the CHCCS, “Some medical conditions, such as fungal infections or arthritis, can cause toenails to thicken and grow abnormally.” Do not put off visiting your doctor if you are suffering from a condition like those listed above. It could only become worse over time, causing you to need treatment for an ingrown toenail as well as other issues.

Are You Suffering From An Ingrown Toenail? Contact Dr. Troy Watson

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