Common Myths About Athlete’s Foot

Friday, May 1st, 2015, 11:59 am

Athlete’s foot is a fungal infection which causes redness and itchiness of the feet. There are many factors that lead to Athlete’s foot, most of which involve exposure to moist environments such as walking barefooted on shower floors, or wearing sweaty shoes. Without adequate treatment of fungal nail infections the condition can elevate and affect the foot health. Here is a look at common misconceptions associated with Athlete’s foot that may help avoid certain issues.

Athlete’s Foot Myths

  • Only athletes contract Athlete’s foot: While Athlete’s foot gets its name from the fact that athletes have a higher tendency of developing the condition, it is not restricted to athletes alone. Athletes’ feet often come in contact with damp environments such as swimming pools and gyms. Being prone to feet that sweat more or being in damp environments means that there is a higher likeliness of infection, whether or not an individual is an athlete.
  • Athlete’s foot affects just the feet: Wrong. Athlete’s foot can spread on to other [arts of the body. This can occur when the individual touches or scratches the problematic area and then goes onto touch the skin elsewhere, or even through clothing or sheets that have come in contact with the infection.
  • Athlete’s foot heals itself: The fungal infection will not clear out by itself unless it is treated with the help of pills or topical creams. In fact, it can get worse if not treated promptly by a practitioner. Also, unlike popular misconception, individuals with Athlete’s foot should take the recommended medication for the entire duration suggested by the doctor and not only until the surface symptoms clear out.
  • Athlete’s foot is from poor hygiene: Showering and keeping your feet sweat-free alone cannot keep Athlete’s foot at bay. Sometimes even individuals who wash their feet multiple times develop the infection as they forget to dry their feet after wash.

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